A quick lap of Manfeild

A lap of Manfeild: Circuit Chris Amon with top New Zealand Toyota Racing Series driver Brendon Leitch! Enjoy…
Turn 1 (Toyota): Past the 100 board you’re hard on the brakes. It’s a late apex and you use the kerb and have to watch for potential for a touch of oversteer on the exit. You’re in second and then short-shift to third, then fourth.
Turn 2,3,4 (Esses): The entry to turn two is bumpy, so it’s hard to keep the car settled. A perfect entry into the esses is vital, it gives you a nice run down to the hairpin. Third gear into the Esses. Use all the track on the exit, flat in fourth.
Turn 5 (Hairpin): Hard braking from 200kmh into the slowest corner. Go up high, use all the camber, then duck down into the apex. First gear here. The car will again tend to oversteer on the way out. A good exit is vital for good speed down Denny Hulme Straight to turn 6.
Turn 6 (Higgins): Coming in you might be hitting 220-230kmh. Once again, very late braking, very hard on the pedal but trying not to pinch the front right brake. You turn in, lots of camber there so you try to maximise that, turn in and keep the speed, fourth gear – get a good run out and it opens up opportunity to overtake down the back straight. This and the front straight are the two fastest sections; about 220 to 230kmh.
Turn 7: This is Manfeild’s signature corner; a hard, fast run onto the front straight. Miss the apex of the wee right kink into the corner entry, stay quite high, drop the car in and get on the gas as quick as you can. All fourth gear. The more kahunas you’ve got, the better run you are going to get onto the start-finish straight. The trick is to take care not to hit the ripple strips on the outside of the exit; they’re pretty gruesome in a single seater and can do a lot of damage! Change up to fifth just as you run past the infield shortcut road.